Robomongo has joined 3T Software Labs

The Account service has been removed as the subscription model was discontinued last year. Robo 3T is now free.

The Robomongo tool has been acquired by 3T Software Labs, the creators of Studio 3T(formerly MongoChef). 3T will continue development of Robomongo in parallel with its own MongoDB IDE and the good news is that it will be making Robomongo free for all users from now on.

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Does this mean the end of Robomongo as a free, open source tool?
Absolutely not. 3T has committed to continue development of Robomongo in parallel with its own Studio 3T IDE for MongoDB and will continue to support all existing Robomongo users, both free and paid for.
I recently bought/renewed my Robomongo subscription. Can I get a refund?
All customers who started or renewed a subscription with Robomongo in the last sixty days will be entitled to a refund (all transactions on or after 10-January-2017). On top of this, any live Robomongo subscribers who wish to transfer their licence into a three year licence for the Studio 3T Pro edition will be able to do so at no additional cost.
Have you shared my personal details with 3T Software Labs?
No. No personal details of any Robomongo customers have been shared or will be shared with anyone outside Robomongo. We will provide all subscribers with a contact address for 3T Software so you can register for your free upgrade to a 3 year licence for Studio 3T Pro if you wish to do so. But there is no obligation.
Will 3T continue to develop Robomongo?
Yes. We are putting the finishing touches to Robomongo 1.0 and plan to make it available within the next couple of weeks. The team is already working on adding MongoDB 3.4 compatibility and we will release the update as soon as it's ready.
Will the existing team of Robomongo developers continue to work on the tool?
Absolutely, the existing team of Paralect developers (including Dmitry) will work together with 3T’s experienced development team for the next six months to ensure a smooth handover for Robomongo.
Who do I contact for support for Robomongo going forward?
Simply email [email protected] or visit the github repository.
Robomongo being open-source, I want to contribute to its codebase. Can I still do this?
Yes pull requests are very welcome! Pull requests will be reviewed and then, after a positive review, merged into the code base.